Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Book Events on the Same Day at the Same Time Each Six Day Cycle and/or Eight Day Cycle

Thanks to Paul Sanderson we can book multiple events. Paul has developed a repeating calendar event script to work with .org.
This is great for booking Grade Level meetings or reoccurring events for throughout the year that are organized according to the school's six day and eight day cycles.

In Step 2 you will have the choice of days in the six day cycle or the eight day cycle.

Before July 31st make sure you select "add events to next years school calendar instead of this year's calendar

This script will not work for booking on a Resource Calendar (Facility Calendars). 

If you're logged in with multiple Google accounts it might open with one you don't want - if that happens a quick way around it is to just right click and choose 'Open Link in Incognito Window' then sign in with the account you want.